Specialty Teams

 Ropes, Whitewater & K9 Teams offer an opportunity to volunteer in a more specialized & unique way.


Ropes Team

Our Ropes Team is highly trained on technical rope skills. These can be necessary skills in real rescues involving vertical drops and otherwise dangerous or technical terrain to navigate on the ground. In addition to regular Ground SAR Training, our Ropes Team also has monthly trainings dedicated specifically to building skills necessary in rope rescue scenarios.



Whitewater Team

Our Whitewater Team is trained in swiftwater rescue, and are experts on river rescue skills. This involves knowledge of whitewater, awareness of river hazards, and the ability to act quickly in often trecherous and time sensitive situations. Our whitewater team works closely with local rafting companies and other whitewater experts to execute efficient rescue and recovery missions.



K9 Team

SAR K9's can be used in many different ways to help locate missing subjects. Trailing dogs can be helpful in determining a direction of travel of a missing person and can lead a search team to a lost person, Area dogs can cover significant ground and locate human odor, and HRD dogs are able to locate the scent of human remains. Our team trains weekly and aside from looking to grow our K9 Team, we also invite community members to participate in training as a "lost person."







General Requirements

Following our general application and acceptence procedures, those interested in becoming involved with our specialized teams are also required to complete the KCSAR Academy and become a Ground SAR member as a prerequisite. In the meantime, you are welcome to attend trainings, and as always, let us know if you have any questions!