Volunteer with Klickitat County SAR

Our volunteers are motivated members of the community who learn skills in radio, navigation, rope rescue, swiftwater rescue, mantracking, k9 search and rescue and wilderness search among others. Many of our members join with base knowledge in some or many of these skills while others use this as a platform to learn more and help their community in the process.



How to apply

To become a member in Search and Rescue is a two-step Process:

  1. Submit a completed application to the Sheriff's Office
  2. Attend at least three meetings with Klickitat County Search and Rescue


Requirements & Expectations

All of our members are required to follow our application procedure outlined above.

Beyond that, all of our Ground SAR members are required to go through the KCSAR Academy in order to be deployed into the field. The Academy is a weekly classroom training program to get a base level of knowledge in Search & Rescue skills before being deployed into the field. The classroom training is supplemented with periodic outdoor trainings to put the classroom skills to the test in a practical setting. Once completing the Academy, a classroom and field test are conducted to test your knowledge. If both are passed, you are field ready and able to be deployed in a real seach setting! 

If you are interested in joining one of our specialty teams (Ropes, Whitewater, or K9) you must also complete the Ground SAR Academy as a prerequisite.